Let check it out how much your roof can generate free electricity by SOLARTRON modules!!



Roof Slope and Pitch


Area Measurement



Please avoid shading to solar Installation area; such as high building nearby or tree shade.


SOLARTRON offer various module types by Watt output that causes different expected performance.

Please click one of the following SOLARTRON modules and get more information.

Higher Watt output of SOLARTRON module for limited space.


Energy Yield in kWh
The calculated yield is based on average value upon surrounding factors.
Let’s calculate annual free energy and total energy for 25 years!! 

You made it!! SOLARTRON is a good investment indeed!!
0 kWh/Year
Output over 25 years:
0 kWh
Number of modules:
yearly CO₂ saving*:
0 kg
CO₂ saving over 25 years*:
0 kg

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